A hotel for rest, meetings, inspiration and reflection

The doors of Hotel von Kraemer are always open. The hotel is newly built (opened on the 4th August, 2014) and is located in the leafy suburb of Kåbo near Uppsala Castle and with commanding views over the city. Here you can stay right in the unique cultural environment of the university area and within walking distance of high-quality healthcare, science and research.

A Hotel located in historical surroundings

Hotel von Kraemer has the distinction of being Uppsala’s highest-situated hotel with views over the neighbourhood of Kåbo and beyond to the southern parts of town. We are placed diagonally across from Uppsala Castle and the special cultural environments of its surroundings.
Hotel von Kraemer is located in one of Uppsala’s greenest areas with parks, paths for walking or jogging, and close to the University Hospital, Uppsala Science Park, and the southerly approach to the city. Nearby are a range of important historical buildings, including Uppsala Castle and Vasaborgen, the Botanical Gardens with its stately Linneanum, and the Carolina Rediviva Library in the English Park. Several well-known museums are also in the neighbourhood, such as

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Who was von Kraemer?

Hotel von Kraemer is named after the street on which it stands, von Kraemer avenue. The street is in turn named after a highly-regarded family from Uppsala, the von Kraemers. Several of their members are commemorated in our name, particularly:

Robert von Kraemer – Robert’s distinctions included being the Governor of Uppsala County between 1832 and 1860. He is buried at Uppsala cemetery. Robert is remembered as a very enterprising and upright man who achieved much for his county in office. Among other things, he oversaw the dredging of rivers, the improvement of roads, and was involved in the founding of the Swedish Agricultural University at Ultuna. He was also interested in the arts. Robert and his wife Maria Charlotta had a da...

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Our values

Hotel von Kraemer will aim to provide harmony between guests, staff and the wider community and hopes to provide the highest possible quality of accommodation in Uppsala. Our values are based on our principles of how we want to work and how we want our guests to experience an enjoyable stay with us. Hotel von Kraemer’s core values are Openness, Inspiration, and Empathy.

Hotel von Kraemer will have open doors for everyone and make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Our hotel will be receptive to new suggestions and ideas. The atmosphere will encourage thinking and reflection in a sedate and sober environment. We aim to be friendly, inspiring and welcoming, with good service, proactiveness and resourcefulness.

We want to meet our ...

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Our staff

At Hotel von Kraemer our staff know about human well-being. We are professionals who love providing quality service offered up with heart, soul and genuine concern.

We always want to listen to your needs and meet your requirements with the utmost kindness, joy and effectiveness. Our highest aim is to work for you and for you to have a memorable hotel stay in a room that will inspire you to reflection and to new ideas.

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