A hotel in Uppsala for rest and inspiration

Hotel von Kraemer is located in the leafy suburb of Kåbo, near Uppsala Castle and the University Hospital with a view overlooking the city. You can stay with us, eat with us, have a drink with us, and have meetings or relaxing conversations in our quiet, vibrant environment. Our staff love to provide the very best of service with heart, soul and genuine care, and we want your stay with us to be as good as it can be. Always book ONLINE to get the best prices.

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von Kraemer the Movie

Go behind the scenes

A new hotel is born. From the first drawings to physical walls, ceilings, furnishing, and people. At Hotel von Kraemer, we have been frantically busy to ensure that everything is in place for our Grand Opening on 4th August. On one day in January, a film crew followed the lives of some of the people who will play key roles in the new hotel, ranging from maintenance workers, to the operation managers and workers, and to those who will shape our guests’ experiences in other ways. Join us behind the scenes, and meet our hotel manager, our housekeeper, our receptionist and our restaurant manager.


Who was von Kraemer?

Hotel von Kraemer is named after the street on which it stands, von Kraemer´s Allé. The street is in turn named after a highly-regarded family from Uppsala, the von Kraemers. Two members of the von Kraemer family have been acting as inspiration to our hotel: Robert von Kraemer, Governor of Uppsala County , and his daughter, Charlotte “Lottie” von Kraemer.