Who was von Kraemer?

Hotel von Kraemer is named after the street on which it stands, von Kraemer avenue. The street is in turn named after a highly-regarded family from Uppsala, the von Kraemers. Several of their members are commemorated in our name, particularly:

Robert von Kraemer – Robert’s distinctions included being the Governor of Uppsala County between 1832 and 1860. He is buried at Uppsala cemetery. Robert is remembered as a very enterprising and upright man who achieved much for his county in office. Among other things, he oversaw the dredging of rivers, the improvement of roads, and was involved in the founding of the Swedish Agricultural University at Ultuna. He was also interested in the arts. Robert and his wife Maria Charlotta had a daughter, Charlotte ‘Lotten’ von Kraemer.

Lotten von Kraemer – Lotten von Kraemer devoted her life to promoting literature and in the pursuit of peace and equality. At her death she bequeathed her entire fortune to a foundation she called ‘Samfundet de Nio’ to support distinguished writers. The society still exists today and awards an annual scholarship from the proceeds of Lotten’s bequest.

Lotten was born in 1828 and died at the age of 84. She is buried in Uppsala cemetery. Lotten grew up in a family environment that offered many opportunities and friendships within a liberal and modern-thinking atmosphere. The tone of the household was very intellectual, and was engaged with contemporary progressive ideas espoused by the cultural elite, including members of the royal family. Lotten threw herself into public life as an actress, a dancer, and as a conversationalist on matters of literature and politics. She was a kind and inspiring person with a talent for making friends. The thriving cultural environment of her home life stayed with her in later years. Lotten published both fiction and poetry, and published a literary magazine called ‘Our Time’ which sometimes carried articles by King Oskar II.


Samfundet De Nio
Lotten von Kraemer bequeated the whole of her estate to the value of 40,000,000 SEK in today’s money to a literary group she called ‘Samfundet De Nio’. Its aims were, and are, to promote literature, the ideals of peace, and equality in matters of gender. Proceeds from Lotten’s estate go to support writers of distinction, and over the years figures such as Astrid Lindgren, Viktor Almqvist, Elin Wagner, Hjalmar Gullberg, Karin Boye, Charles Vennberg, and Sara Lidman have all been members. The Society is still going strong, and among its current members are Kerstin Ekman and Niklas Rådström.