Wheelchair accessible


  • All of these rooms have parquet floors to facilitate wheelchairs
  • All bathrooms are equipped with handrails at the toilet
  • Automatic opening room doors
  • More spacious dimensions for manoeuvring wheelchairs
  • Connector for alarm to vibrating pillow on the bed
  • Hooks at lower positions

For the visually impaired:

  • Options to increase the brightness of the room
  • Guide dogs are welcome

*Price is different depending on date.

Wheelchair accessible and extra-equipped

Hotel von Kraemer provides rooms for guests with impaired mobility. These rooms are suitable both for wheelchair users and for guests with impaired vision. The whole of Hotel von Kraemer is fully accessible for guests with disabilities.

Rooms can be booked by contacting: reservations@hotelvonkraemer.se


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All the services you might need

In our hotel you can choose to meet in our welcoming lounge, relax in the bar or in one of our lounges, eating a good meal, or work in one of our conference rooms. All the facilities you could possibly need is included or available for a fee.

Who was von Kraemer?

Hotel von Kraemer is named after the street on which it stands, von Kraemer´s Allé. The street is in turn named after a highly-regarded family from Uppsala, the von Kraemers. Two members of the von Kraemer family have been acting as inspiration to our hotel: Robert von Kraemer, Governor of Uppsala County , and his daughter, Charlotte “Lottie” von Kraemer.

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